Ngao Kammathep Ep.1 (1 of 2) เงากามเทพ

Ngao Kammathep Ep.1 (1 of 2) เงากามเทพ
Also known as: Cupid’s Shadows
Duration: Episodes 17
Genre: Romance, Drama, Minor Comedy
Popularity: First episode: 11 – End episode 15.8
Air time: Wednesday – Thursday (Prime Time)
Broadcast network: Channel 7
Broadcast period: December 9, 2010 – February 3, 2011
Theme song: Harm Jai by Weir Sukollawat Kanarot


Tien has raised as a boy all her life because her father swapped her with her adopted parents son. LSo even her adopted brother doesn’t know she is a girl until now. Her grandpa wanted a boy to carry the last name since Patson( her father’s brother) can’t have children. So his father swapped her with a care taker son from his estate in Hua hin. I guess he had a soft spot for his daughter because he left the ring and necklace too. The grandfather is dead and so is Patson so now her father wants to find her bc he doesn’t want the adopted son to inherit the money. Now Tien meet Rome after he safed her and take her to his house and yet didn’t know that she is actually agirl when he found out that she is a girl, she change herself from a boy to a girl so Rome makes her dress up as girl and act like girl. He also knows that she might be the real heiress of Patson family fortune. From melezanda’s youtube


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