LOL Ep.2 ชีวิตคิดบวก

LOL Ep.2 ชีวิตคิดบวก
Credits: Tru4U Channel
LOL series of positive thinking, “Davis study” (Boat – Nitit Warayanon) young talented musicians playing guitar, the gods. That life is turning into a theater teacher of high school. Each student is very difficult to heartwood Eฮigiw First First cope, but Davis study did not give up, because he has taught children with his style that is not common. Also, unlike other teachers also have “invented” (Nothin ‘spray Mani) Basketball Player of the roll cast to school with “shining” (Pandan – Buddhism scholar. Ariyatriporn Vorakij) Pupil people. That support and encouragement to his never-ending chaos of students. During his teenage life, often coupled with a spirited teen sex in school drug problems raised to smash argued fans are, they have to pass the time this is. And when the disciples themselves are the payment Miss Davis study aims to help students every one of the past, the turning point of teenage life to the entry with the “Registration father” (rain -. E-Tip To Pat currency) its a young teacher. Will assist the students in this project as well, and this was the beginning of the club LOL, and all the stories that will make everyone know would think. Living in the Positive And together through all the trouble to go to reach the destination, each featuring a boat – Nitit Warayanon / Nothin ‘spray Mani / Pandan – Buddhism scholar / rain


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