Last love Ep.12

Last love Ep.12
The novel has been made into two films, the first in 1975, starring Patravadi, Shitra , Sorapong Chatree , Sompob Benchaithikul II in the year . . 2546 directed by Prince Chatri Chalerm Yukol starring Siri books exchanges Na Ayudhya , Sarawut meter gold , lily Siri Mithra joy , Dilok Thongwattana , century Mon Valley road salts , Duangkamon Limcharoen , D.y. Prairie Stone. output Gaya Porn , boy Constructivist the wealthy , D.y. Belinda eye since. The film was released on February 14, 2003.

Last Love 2003
The third was created in the form of television series in the year 2560. Created in the project The Writers, produced by GoodSenes Co., Ltd. TV series by Watsuta Kettle, Sasinun Patana. by the staff’s Thailand varnish starring Cher pp Bun Sak , Tana lily , Chirayu aerosol Jewell Theater was the first actress Ruby Cherman not renew his contract with channel 3 [2] aired on Monday -. Tuesday, 20.20 – 21.35. The first day of November 27, 2560 following the dramatic fall in power . [3]

Synopsis [ edit ]
Last love Tell the story of the life of the widow, a young illustrator, a 30-year-old who is sensitive and yearning for love. She had a beautiful love and warm family. But when unexpected events happen to her life. Rape to visit the family.

Taste (gemstone) more than 30 years old, graduated from the University of Art, one of the famous taste found in Love (Boy-Poison), both fell together in a short time. And there are 3 children, but they have to divorce. Taste becomes a widow, a glamorous girl who struggles to work to raise money. The taste was met with two other men who came into life is close to infection (O-Tana). But because the taste is widow and have children. It is a love that is uncertain at all times. At the same time, Put (nine – Chirayu) young people came to taste another person. Put together with the children of taste, make the taste with the children are happy, but the inappropriate in the subject of age plus Putnam is also a song. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. This love of taste. What is the direction of love?


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