Heaven & Hell (English Subtitle)

Heaven & Hell English Subtitle

Heaven and Hell (Thai : วงจรปิด)
Genre : Horror

Synopsis : Heaven &Hell, Three short horrible stories combined in one movie, all are telling about the paranormal things apparently can be seen on CCTV

Ghost Legacy — Siamese Twins were asked to appear in the grandfather’s mansion after their grandfather died. On his will, grandfather intended to give his legacy to his real grand daughters who can stay in the mansion over three nights. However it won’t be easy for the twins when they experience something mystery in this house and lead into the death.

Heaven11 – A minimart becomes haunted when the staffs were suicide in here. Some people still see her hanging herself through CCTV. One night a minimart owner’s daughter was asked to work in that place waiting for a new staff coming in night shift. When the night comes, she found the scariest things ever happened in her life on that night.

Hell No.8 – 2 CCTV technicians are sent to fix the CCTV systems in an apartment. While working in the elevator, they got thrilled by the rumor of a ghost on 8th floor haunting people. On that night, when they saw a strange girl stepping in the elevator and press the button to the8th floor, the nightmare while awaking is getting start.


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