Praao Ep.1 (1 of 2) พราว

Title: พราว
English Title: Dazzling
Broadcast Period: October 9, 2014 — On Air
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday, 20:25
Duration: TBD
Genre: Romance/Action/Comedy
Popularity: TBD
Ratings: TBD
Production Details

Broadcast Network: Channel 7
Company Name: Pordeecam
Producer: Thong Prasongsanti
Director: Thong Prasongsanti
Screenwriter: Laithai-Lainam

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Somchai
Aum Patcharapa Chaichue as Praao/Min
Es Kantapong as Soodkhet
Som Tunsinee Promsut as Somjeed
Arnus Rapanich as Tin
Yok Thanyakan Thanakitananon as Janjaree
Bee Matika Atthakornsiripo as Amy
Duangdao Jarujinda as Mae Kaew
Ankana Wonratanachai as Noot
Jutheet Ramreung Kiedprathee as Man
Victor Kriedporn as Peet
Supansa Neungpeerom as Onchuma
Kron Yaninrootna as Mickey
Rotwan Aumthaisong as Toeything
Pongsathat Ratanasieranee as Mark
Wararat Themsothong as Na Ong
Sarat Rumreungwong as Waree
Hoy Ketisat Udongnat as Frank
Moo Phusanat Buangam as Thri
Win Wathit Sopha as Boy
Mengmum Pongsatat as Mark
Aom Ankana as Noot
Atiroot Singhapon as Wit
Thamonpan Panuchidpoothiwoon as Wanka
Chomweechai Mecksuwan as Jing
Watnasom Mecksuwan as Oom
Achirawit Detchbarot as Bob

This lakorn is a romantic comedy about a Thailand superstar named Praao (Aum), who’s quite conceited and untouchable, hence her name. Praao finds herself caught in a murder mystery as she witnesses a homicide and is being chased after by the culprits. The superstar who fears getting shot runs away and hires herself a bodyguard, an ex-cop named Somchai (Weir), to protect her. Meanwhile, her manager, Frank (Hoy) has to face the media and find a solution to this problem. With his superstar missing, Frank finds a Praao look-a-like by the name of Min (Aum). Frank hires the poor Min to pretend to be the superstar during the meantime. To escalate the problem, there’s a reporter named Soodkhet (Es) questioning the fake Praao and trying to get to the bottom of the truth.


Category: Praao, Slider
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